Hi, i'm michael!

• Designer • Strategist • Researcher •  Problem Solver • ADC Main • Protoss Player

about me

Hi, I’m Michael! I’m a UX/UI designer that is passionate, driven and obsessed with design in all its many forms. It is my goal to elevate design and change how the world approaches problem solving.

I became a designer to collaborate and help create experiences that make the complex, simple. I am a designer who approaches problem solving with a focus on the user. My journey to design started when I was young, I always love building crafty solutions to things that I believed shouldn’t be as complicated. Prior to design, I was a music teacher, I spent my days molding young minds and mentoring them to think about music more expressively and passionately. I strive to always build experiences that will make an impact in every user’s life.

If I’m not cranking out paper prototypes for testing or building intricate task flows, I am often playing my cello or climbing the leaderboards in video games. Recently I have been very interested in expanding my visual design skills and have been caught up in a 100-day vector challenge.

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